and the support that is required to achieve it has taken too long to get put in place, diminishing the return on effectiveness from the time that it is needed. Our Modular style construction approach along with a safer, easier to handle and environmentally friendly product achieve this industry support in every way!”
 ~ Peter Ferrigno   Commissioner and Principle Consultant, PT LSSIK

“It’s not every day that you have the ability to grow a company in a market that really truly needs your products to achieve the fundamentals of growth they aspire to achieve. Light Steel Solutions however is that company and Indonesia is that market. For too long infrastructure development

" We Shape our Buildings, Thereafter they Shape Us."  --Winston Churchill

Engineering to Our Clients Needs

We want to take your ideas and work with them from concept through to final construction and be a key partner in each crucial step along the way.We have the internal key resources, teams and expertise that use the latest and best available software to aid in the design process from concept, to design, to 3D rendering and then to architectural finish