Richard, President Director

We are extremely proud to Partner with our Clients in Developing the Future of Indonesia. Each day is new and exciting and we bring with it the energy and excitement that each day should be met with

"Its not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time"                      -- David Allan Coe

Light steel solutions state of the art designs, Materials, Methods and projects can be found in many homes, offices, workshops, factories and warehouses throughout the archipelago of indonesia

"We are Excited in bringing to Indonesia the Western advances on building and infrastructure in light steel with the development of Light Steel Solution trading as PT LSS Internasional Kontraktor. At PT LSS We remain focused Daily in taking the successful international building model and then working with our customers to make it better and further advanced to the point that the rest of the world is following our successes here in Indonesia.

​Building the future of Indonesia looks like not only using light steel materials and construction methods, but moreover making it bigger, better, taller, faster and for less than what can be done elsewhere in the country with ‘traditional’ materials and building methods. To achieve this goal we recognize we not only have to work closely and support our clients but moreover we have to be connected in collaboration with our customers…sharing ideas, gathering input so that together we can progress alongside one another in achieving our goals."                                                           - Richard,  President Director PT LSSIK

Our History

Light Steel Solutions began life in the 90’s as CV Tri Tunggal as a small industrial supply business later expanding and growing into PT Balaraja Mas Kencana as a supply, fabricate and install business to the industry in East Java and Indonesia.

Focused on ​Building the Future of Indonesia Today!

Capitalizing on our successes and growing with the market and our ever expanding customer base the construction and supply business PT Balaraja Kencana Mas has expanded with fresh capital, additional partners and in 2016 incorporated under the name PT Light Steel Solutions Indonesia which is a large and growing end to end supply and install company taking on medium to large infrastructure, warehouse and housing projects using the state of the art building techniques and light weight steel as its core business modelType your paragraph here.

Our Vision

Deliver total package structural solutions to the commercial, industrial and property development industries throughout Indonesia through unrivaled state of the art materials, techniques and safety standards in building the future of Indonesia

Our Mission

Light Steel Solutions is committed to bringing the total package structural solutions to the industry while we ensure to do it safer, faster, cheaper and stronger by applying state of the art western building practices, the safest and latest construction methods and non-conventional structural building materials. We are working to build the future of Indonesia today by employing local made products, constructed locally using International best practice standards while delivering this all at an affordable cost.