What We Do

Every space is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing. Every Project is Professionally Designed to our Clients Desire!

Light Steel Solutions offers alternative construction solutions adopted internationally as best practices to ensure that we can deliver in Indonesia using the best possible building materials and best practice methods with the material resources of today.:

  • Warehousing – Small to Large Scale for any use protecting your assests, operations and materials undercover.
  • Workshops and Factory Buildings – Up to 5 Story Tall and stretching for as many kilometers as you need. We can run 23 meter spans from colum to column supports
  • Office & Storefronts – Office buildings outfitted internally or externally in almost any configuration you desire to the traditional through to storefronts in a line similar to the traditional Indonesian shop front
  • Housing and Homes – Almost limitless in terms of size and design from tiny homes to mansions, we can build them all
  • Apartment Buildings – 5 Stories Tall with or without elevators can be configured and arranged in limitless types of layouts that could vary from floor to floor.
  • Religious Buildings and Multipurpose Halls - Designed to your projects needs and specifications and in any configuration desired.
  • Roofing & Siding of Structures​ - The perfect finishing solutions to each and every project that gives your structure both longevity as well as its look.

Lightweight steel is a newer product to Indonesia and has only been used in very thin walled forms for both simple and very basic building projects. The use of the product has largely been used in the lightest guage steel available and for interior building walls (for hanging of gypsum); some small housing projects and exterior facades affixing to a traditional built heavy steel or cement/masonry structure.Light Gauge Steel Framing is a robust and strong product with a rating of over 550mpa and is both certified and regulated under some of the best and highest international standards and building codes, such as:

  • AISI 100 and AISI 200 Cold Formed Steel Light Frame Construction Code
  • International Building Code 2015 (ref. IBC2015) regulated under ICC
  • ASTM A1003 Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Carbon, Metallic- and Nonmetallic-Coated for Cold-Formed Framing Members; C645 Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members; C955 Standard Specification for Load-Bearing Steel Studs, Runners, and Bracing for Gypsum Panel Products and Metal Plaster Bases​
  • ​AS/NZS 1163 Standard-Cold Formed Steel Structures which are jointly published by Australia and New Zealand standards agencies and also adopted by the ASI Steel regulatory boards
  • ​ISO 9001:2008, International Standards Organization known throughout the world in certifying the quality of manufacturing systems and customer approach that many customers rely on
  • ​​ASI Australian Steel Institute regulates and provides input to the Australian standards and the application and use of the various Australian standards within Australia’s Industry

Certified Strength in our Steel, Structures and Construction

​Light Steel Solutions is both materials and construction techniques that offer many benefits including:

  • Speed of Construction

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Superior Safe Handling and Installation

  • High Quality Precision Made Steel

  • Environmentally Friendly Product

The light steel framing that is used is a high quality, precision, accurate, engineered product that can be independently certified and has been a leading industry material for many years.

More specifically Light Steel refers to:

  • Light Steel is cold-formed steel framing made of relatively thin steel sheets formed into various shapes

  • Light Steel is made by feeding continuous coils of steel sheets through machines that bend it at room temperature (ie. cold formed) into long members whose shapes make them stiff and strong.

  • The Light Steel members are different in weight and from the much heavier hot-rolled shapes which are used in structural steel framing.

  • Light Steel however is easier and quicker to work with and when engineered properly can provide the same strength and durability as hot rolled steel framing.

  • Light Steel is internationally recognized and widely used in Western countries such as US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, amongst others.

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